Mental Health Counseling

Mental Health

Family, economic, marital, health, and occupational stressors at times produce significant impairment in a person’s ability to cope with the demands of everyday life. When this happens, our normal problem-solving skills become overwhelmed and our mental health is compromised.

Our array of services is designed to help you manage your stressors and return to your optimal level of performance.

The counselor gathers information about your concerns, conducting a brief mental status exam, establishes a provisional diagnosis, and suggests a plan of treatment, which may include referring you to other agencies in the community.

This is not an emergency clinic. For emergencies, please call 911

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Our total efforts shall be to obtain and hold the trust and respect of the people we serve.

Nuestros esfuerzos totales son de obtener y mantener la confianza y el respeto de las personas a quienes servimos.

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