Oral Health

General Dentistry

South Texas Rural Health Services offers a range of dental services including Diagnostic services, Preventative services, Restorative services, Crowns, Root canal therapy, Dentures, Bridges, Periodontics, Removal prosthodontics, Fixed prosthodontics, Oral surgery, as well as other miscellaneous and support services.

Regular Checkups and Teeth Cleaning

Regular checkups are important to prevent cavities and diagnose tooth problems early.  A regular checkup may include digital x-rays, a teeth cleaning and a comprehensive examination from the dentist.  South Texas Rural Health Services provides in-depth dental cleanings and checkups for its patients.

South Texas Rural Health Services Dental teams are highly skilled to help give our patients a beautiful, sparkling, healthy smile.  Cleanings remove plaque; stains and tartar from the surface of your teeth in order to prevent cavities, bad breath, gingivitis, and gum disease.  After your thorough, gentle dental cleaning your dentist will discuss any dental hygiene issue and proper oral hygiene techniques including brushing and flossing.  We recommend our patients have an exam and routine teeth cleanings every 6 months to maintain optimal health!

Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental X-rays are necessary to find cavities, check the health of the tooth root, evaluate the health of the gum and surrounding bone, check the status of tooth development, as well as monitor the overall health of the jawbone. South Texas Rural Health Services acquires only the minimum number of digital images necessary so that we may deliver the highest quality of dental care.

Dentistry for Kids

We offer dental services for children as early as 6 months old.  STRHS provides competent sensitive care for children. 

This is not an emergency clinic. For emergencies, please call 911

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